Family of Birds – Evening Get Together

Life Just Is

Evening is the time when all the birds sit and chirp together just before their roosting time. That is the time when their loud noises are difficult to ignore. So I decided to capture one group in my camera. This group, rather I would like to call them ‘family‘ here, was periodically flying around this tree and then settling down for sometime to fly again. It was great to watch them do that.

It was evening and the light was very dull at this part of the sky. I processed this image to make it B&W. The birds looked great this way. 🙂

One more. This one is just a cropped version of the original one. I wanted to keep its colors. 😀


Birds make all of us ‘dream’ to fly,
fly high into the endless blue sky.
To be courageous and stop being shy,
how amazing…

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