sitting on the wind

the world according to mincey strider


At the beginning of October, Rob and I took a week off to spend time with our families.  The first couple of days were spent with my family to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday.  The weather was incredible, with temperatures higher than any day during the summer.  We then drove to Felixstowe, a small town on the Suffolk coast.  Ordinarily, I doubt that it would be a town I would choose to visit, but Rob has relatives that live there. We stayed for two days with his uncles, and since then I have changed my opinions of this town.  One of the nicest days I’ve had, was spent driving around to nearby towns and villages.  On our return to Felixstowe, we stopped off at the Languard Fort, opposite the dockyard.  The weather had turned, and the wind was picking up. It made for some of the most interesting photographs…

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