365-339 Please excuse me while I…

What I Pic

I don’t often show the “big picture” too often, instead focusing on details, but today I thought I would show a nice dawn sky. The color was beautiful from my unobstructed view high on the hill this morning. I usually don’t take too many photos until it gets light enough to handhold the camera, unless I want to intentionally blur a shot, but I didn’t want to miss the nice color and clouds so I quickly set up my small travel tripod and took a few snaps before work. Original? No. Creative? Not really. Just plain nice? Absolutely. Pentax K20D DA18-135

Kiss the Sky

And speaking of the sky, birds fly in the sky. So naturally I’ll throw in this other photo from today of some birds. I played around with the color balance a little just for kicks. An added bit of purple haze.

Meet the Flockers


Finally, because I think…

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