The Wrath of the “DARK TIME”


Ten days have passed since my last post.  My days have been filled with working in my gallery and I’m looking forward to sharing photos soon.  But in the evenings, when I normally blog,  I’ve been hit by the wrath of the “Dark Time”!  That’s the direct translation of the Norwegian word, “mørketid”.  Doesn’t sound quite as romantic or exotic as “polar night”, does it?

And guess what?  Right now, “mørketid” is much more fitting than Polar Night.  The lack of sun is not making me depressed, although it does have that effect on some people.  However, this “dark time” is just that… DARK and I am therefore very TIRED!  In the morning, when my alarm goes off, I feel like I have jet lag times 1,000 and I need someone to peel me out of the bed with a spatula.   And dark circles, we don’t even want to…

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