These Trees

Turtle Rock Farm

When everything else is gone—
house, barns,
(well, maybe not the cellar)—
the tell-tale remains
of a homestead
are four cedar trees,
forming a square
in front of the place where the house
I’m not sure why;
they could only have been small protection
and provided little privacy
out here on the wide-open, windy plains.

The house that lived
where these trees stood
now lives a couple of miles
We saw it pass by our house
one warm day
when we were children;
a giant, white, two-story box
on the back of a very long truck,
moving very slowly up the road.
A childhood friend
still lives in it
and only a few of us remember
that house once stood
at a different place,
the place where these trees still stand
and where, now, there is a pond
at which the neighborhood’s
Great Blue Heron
can often be…

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