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I’m keeping it simple today, both photographically and in text. It’s just one of those kind of days. As usual I took a variety of photos today but most of them were just test shots with my lens that just came back from repair. It works fine but it was tough to take anything worthwhile today, being dark and rainy again most of the day. There was a slight break in the weather and that’s when I shot these birds. With a gray cloudy background, I played around a little with a cross-processing look to lighten the mood. That’s all for now! Enjoy! Pentax K20D, DA55-300

Not So Angry Birds

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Daily Om ~ Spider Energy

A Sacred Journey

The feminine energy of spiders reminds us that we have the ability to weave our lives into strong beautiful works of art.

We may not realize that the sight of a spider’s web glistening in the sun, the beads of morning dew catching the light to shine like diamonds on an intricate necklace, may carry a message for us. Their beauty belies their strength because though they are spun from thin strands of silk, they can hold the weight of the dew and capture nourishment in their nets as well. This paints an accurate picture of the traits of the weaver, the spider. Their feminine energy reminds us that we have the ability to weave our lives into strong, useful, and beautiful works of art. Though people may have an instinctive fear response to spiders, we can look beyond the physical instinct to understand the spiritual message they may be…

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Golden Thread

christine m young ✻ artist

Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world. ~ John Evelyn

It’s been raining more than snowing lately and I’m thrilled, taking photos on rainy, stormy, cloudy days offers such diversity. I took the first and the last shot in this post yesterday, the others I took over the last few weeks. I used to worry about being timely ( trying to post photos I took that day or at least that week ) but I find it more interesting to collect & curate as a mood arises. It may cause some confusion, but my attempt to create beauty is much more important to me than being accurate. I save and sort photos waiting for the perfect collection to come together. Sometimes the photos inspire my thoughts and I wait till the words come out which can take weeks. Often a color pallette or subject forms…

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